Wednesday 30 June 2010


Credit to valeriev for the presentation

I have used something similar to Slideshare in my studies. Being a distance learning student I found it really useful as a tool for delivering a lecture via distance. The first thing that strikes me about using the application in the UL is the reader education programme. I am not sure what the average attendance is like but whenever I help a reader using the catalogue and mention that there are training courses available they all say that they "don't have the time for that"/ I wonder though if it because they don't want to risk looking 'stupid'. Not that I am suggesting for a moment that they are (U have worked in the UL for eight years now and I still feel like I am just getting a grip on things!) but I have found from personal experience that it is hard to show weakness and ask for help. Maybe having something like a Slideshare presentation would help users to overcome this? They still get the training and they can be anonymous at the same time.
I think it could also be useful for delivering training sessions or presentations to staff since it can be difficult to find a time for everyone to get together (as I found out in Doodle week). I can appreciate though that there are some presentations that people would not want to share with the whole universe. It is the same with any Web 2.0 application - you have to be selective in what you share.


  1. this is very entertaining - but it confirms my view that there just isn't time for it all - there is so much real life out there waiting to be engaged with, whether its watering the parched plants, weeding (why arent they parched?), taking exercise, meeting people in real life, reading, watching tv even.
    thanks for the post.

  2. I know the feeling. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, I don't know how people do it! I guess that the key is to pick what's most useful and ignore the rest!