Sunday 13 June 2010

Google Calendar

This has great potential for a library. I would guess that users are far more likely to look at an online calendar than read lengthy newsletters or notices on a board. It is a great way of keeping users up to date with the happenings (?) in a library.
It is easy to use and add to iGoogle but I am not sure that I would want to share it with many people. There must be a way of "unsharing" it again otherwise things might get messy.
Both Google calendar and Doodle seem like things that could and have been done in the 'real' world for a long time now with few problems. Is there really any need to put them online? The answer is yes, since that seems to be the way that the world is moving these days (for better or worse, but that is too much to get into on a Sunday morning!)

1 comment:

  1. You're right - there is a way to 'unshare' your Google Calendar. Simply go into the settings, edit the 'sharing' settings and delete anyone you no longer to share it with.