Wednesday 19 March 2014

Seeing is Believing - Using the Visual Web for Promotion

I've blogged before about the benefits of using Pinterest to promote library collections but recently I've taken an interest in ways I can use the site personally. I've had an account for a while in order to have a play about (something I do regularly with new social media tools) and I mocked up a couple of boards on silly subjects like fancy bookshelves. Whilst I liked the look of the site I struggled to see how I could fit it into my already full social media schedule. However after reading that the popularity of Pinterest has surpassed Twitter I decided to have another look at the site and see if I could use it in a more focused way.

Pinterest is a very visual site and this is an emerging trend with both websites and social networks. Much like traditional websites have declined in recent years in favor of interactive sites, it seems that the visual web will be the next big thing. I think a large part of the popularity of these more visual sites is that they are able to draw you in straight away in a way that even the loveliest looking text doesn't. As with all social networks sharing the content is made really easy and the visual aspect means you don't have to scroll through lots of text. Applications in libraries include promoting new books, online exhibitions of material and sharing useful links.

One of the first things I've tried is a Pinterest board with posts from this blog. I'm not sure how successful this will be but I think it's always good to get blog posts out to as wider audience as possible. Hopefully the pictures will grab someones attention! You can see the results below:

I've also been looking at other uses of Pinterest. As anyone who reads this blog will know I am keen on professional development and I'm always looking for ways to share what I learn. I've been experimenting a little and I've come up with  Top Tips for CPD. At the moment there are ten tips on there but I hope to add more in the future so keep an eye out. This board was really easy to create and hopefully it provides links to sites that people will find useful. I'll be experimenting more with this concept in the future as a way of sharing links.

If anyone has experience of using the visual web in any of its forms for promotion, either personal or professional than please feel free to share them in the comments below. This is an area that I'm quite keen to explore, both in terms of promoting library collections and for professional networking. 

photo credit: Joe Dyndale via photopin cc

Monday 17 March 2014

#Chartership Chat - 13/3/14

Below is the Storify of the most recent Chartership chat. Remember that the write-ups of previous chats, as well as general information on the professional registration process, can be found here.