Friday 21 July 2017

Scholarly Communication Training Materials

Scholarly communication and research support services are a growing part of the offering of many academic libraries but it can be hard for staff to develop the skills they need to deliver this service, particularly if they are not already working in a related area.

My role within the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge is to develop and deliver training in research support. This training is open to all Cambridge library staff and we try to cover a variety of formats. Since research support is becoming a more in-demand area of academic librarianship I often get asked if the training is available to access somewhere to those outside Cambridge. 

I've recently uploaded the training materials I've developed to Apollo, the Cambridge repository, and we are working on pulling this together at a more formal level in Cambridge. In the meantime I've set up a page for Scholarly Communication Training on this blog which will host links to the sessions that I've developed. Everything on this page is available under a CC-BY licence meaning that it is available for anyone to adapt and reuse as long the author is credited. 

At present there are materials on:
  • Research skills
  • Scholarly publishing
  • Research data management
  • Copyright
As more materials are developed I'll be adding them to this page so please keep an eye out for updates if you're interested.

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