Chartership resources

Below are some resources on the CILIP Chartership process and CPD that you might find helpful. 

Chartership Chats
I've been involved in organising Chartership chats for about a year now. I took part in them when I was Chartering and found them really helpful, even if only to reassure me that everyone else was having the same problems! I try to run monthly chats but sometimes real life gets in the way. Chats are usually advertised via Twitter and the MCLIP mailing list.

Further information about and write-ups of Chartership chats can be found here.

Blog Posts

Public Speaking for the Terrified - January 2013

Networking for the Underconnected - May 2013

CPD for Free - August 2013

How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Reflect - May 2014

Chartership Reflections - July 2014

Chartership Portfolio (submitted February 2014 under old regulations)


Pinterest Resource Board

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