Friday 4 June 2010

Blogging about blogging

I have been visiting a number of Cam23 blogs and see that most people have managed to come up with a more creative user name than me!

I think that the hardest thing about blogging is the getting started. It's a bit like writing the first paragraph of an essay - you don't really know what to write. I am not sure that this will be my favourite element of Web 2.0. I find it quite hard to know what to write since I don't always feel that I have something interesting to say. I'm not sure that I will keep it up after the program ends (all try to hide your disappointment now!)

I can definitely see the benefits for a library though. I am sure that no one actually reads printed newsletters any more so this is a good way of getting information out to the masses. Combining blogging with RSS feeds seems like an effective replacement for these newsletters.

Comments on blogs are an excellent way to get feedback. Would users have bothered to send an email to ask about something seen in a newsletter? Maybe, but I think that they will be far more likely to comment on a blog. They can also get feedback from the library this way. Whilst this could lead to interesting discussion it could also lead to spamming. Just a necessary risk that has to be taken maybe?


  1. Love the green lamps in your pic and know what you mean about getting started.. it's very easy to spend hours agonizing over your blog identity and your first post..I've been there believe me!

  2. Your comment about no-one reading printed newsletters anymore is something we've realised at the Judge. We had been producing a termly newsletter, but have decided to replace this with a blog from the new academic year (better late than never!) You're right - it is a better way of getting 'our message out there' - at least we hope it will be!