Wednesday 2 June 2010

iGoogle and RSS feeds

Set up the iGoogle page - check! I'll admit that I spent most of the set up time playing with colour schemes but once I got the grips with it is seems like a pretty useful gadget.

I especially like the tab feature where you can add different tabs for different areas of your life. The lay out reminds me of the BBC webpage, where you can drag and drop the sections that interest you. You can have it as simple or complex as suits you. The layout of webpages and how cluttered they can look sometimes puts me off using them so this is a welcome feature.

I have seen references to RSS feeds on all sorts of webpages over the years but have never really taken the time to look into them and understand what they mean. Now that I know I can see the huge potential that they could have for libraries. Students tend to have the attention span of the average goldfish so allowing them information in an easy portal like this seems like a great idea. I also take on board the point that it is much easier to have all the headlines in one place rather than having to check multiple websites, multiple times to get the latest updates. This one has definite potential...

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  1. Ah good to see you have the all-important hamster.

    Must go and actually do my screenshot and Thing 4 post now.