Sunday 1 August 2010

Marketing with 2.0

Using Web 2.0 in your library is a marketing feature in itself. By using modern technology we are helping to dispel the image of dusty librarians and even dustier books. Students want to use the latest technology and if we can use it to then we must be doing something right. It also helps to reach out to the users on a platform that they are familiar and comfortable with. If they won't come to us then we have to go to them!
I agree with the main blog post that these new technologies should be seen as opportunities and not threats. Although they can be scary things to get to grips with I think the end results will be worth it.
I am not really in a position to actually implement any changes at the library so I will play fantasy librarian for a moment. If I was in charge, in addition to a bigger office, I would take the opportunity to get the library out there in as many ways as possible. Setting up a Facebook page would be a priority as would adding a LibraryThing page. I like the idea of the social media cards. Users seem to latch onto one or two particular librarians and this would be a good way to stay in contact, if the librarian is happy with it of course! I would start small and build up to using more social sites but I think that establishing am online presence is important.
(Image credit: Lawrence OP)

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  1. Had to smile at "in addition to a bigger office". Or an office at all.