Monday 2 September 2013

Getting the Job Done (or Just Getting the Job!)

Recently I've been giving some advice to colleagues who have been applying for jobs, both inside and outside the library sector. Together with my current work on Chartership this has led to me thinking a lot about transferable skills and the importance of knowing how to get a job. I've learnt a lot in the last few years about filling in job applications, conducting myself in interviews and the importance of building a professional online presence. Unfortunately for me most of these skills have been learnt the hard way which meant that I didn't always get the job that I was applying for. I'm just glad I can stop others from making the same mistakes!

The following webpage is geared towards an American audience but I think it offers valuable advice for anyone applying for a job. I don't know what goes on today but certainly when I was at school, and even university, career skills weren't really focused on. I remember visiting my university careers department only to be told to come back about a week before I needed a job!

Hopefully the article above is of use to people who are looking for a job or thinking about the next stage of their career. It's never too early to start planning....

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