The Cambridge Knowledge Exchange (CaKE) is a project that I set up with my friend and colleague Celine Carty. It was established to provide librarians from across the Cambridge University community with a chance to give feedback from events and learn from the experience of others.

There are many exciting conferences and events available to information professionals but few people have the time or money to attend everything they would like to. CaKE allows participants to harness their collective knowledge and learn about new developments.

With no set format for presentations, speakers are free to adapt the session to their strengths. Speakers can focus on the whole event, a theme that particularly interested them or the one tool/technique that they would like to share with colleagues.

CaKE provides participants with valuable presentation skills, networking opportunities and a chance to reflect on their experiences - all useful for CPD or those working towards CILIP qualifications.

We hope to make CaKE a semi-annual event in the Cambridge calendar, held at different venues across the university. We have produced a blog which contains summaries of all the presentations made at the events in order to provide a record a make the information available to those unable to attend in person. 

More information on CaKE can be found by clicking on the image below:

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