Friday 23 February 2018

Cool Cartoons

One of my biggest achievements of 2017 was having my first peer reviewed article published in the New Review of Academic Librarianship. It was an intense experience and I learnt a lot - not least to cut our research community a bit of slack. I was only writing one article - they write several! 

I was thrilled to learn at the end of the year that the article was being turned into a cartoon abstract. These are cartoon versions of the usual textual abstract that goes with the article. They come in a variety of formats depending on the interpretation of that particular artist(s). Cartoon abstracts are also a really good way to make an instant impact with your article. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is true - the casual reader's attention is caught more by a an image than a paragraph of text that they have to read through. It also great to see someone else's interpretation of my work (particularly as I'm not artistic myself). Plus, it's kind of cool!

You can see the cartoon abstract by clicking below and you can read the accompanying article here (OA).

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