Saturday 13 August 2016

IFLA Conference Schedule

This is the fourth in a series of post about my experience of IFLA WLIC 2016. Other posts can be found here.

Hopefully if I've timed it right this blog post should be going out as I'm in the air on my way to Ohio for IFLA WLIC. It's going to be a very busy week and I'll try and keep up to date with social media during the conference. If people have questions or want to hear about something specific then let me know in the comments section here or via Twitter.

I've included below a link to my provisional schedule so you can see the sort of sessions I'll be attending. Things happen so it's not set in stone but hopefully it will make it easier to follow along. There are a lot of sessions happening and I'm sure I will get lost at some point! Luckily the conference organisers have made it easier by providing an online conference planner which is how I produced the schedule below. 

Claire's conference programme (subject to change)

I've been thinking long and hard about which sessions to attend and I've tried to pick a variety that will be useful for leadership (as a grant from the CILIP Leadership Programme is enabling me to attend the conference) and for my role in Scholarly Communication. I've also included some sessions that are a little outside my comfort zone as often these are the sessions that turn out to be the most interesting.

I'll be back soon with another conference update....

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