Monday 8 June 2015

CILIP Leadership Programme

As readers of this blog will know I am always keen to develop my skills and learn new things. A few months ago I applied for a place on the CILIP Leadership Programme and I was recently told that I was successful. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the CILIP Infomation Literacy Group I will be attending the launch of the programme at the CILIP Conference in  July.

I have been working on my leadership skills for a number of years now and taking part in this programme will help me to consolidate what I have learnt as well as develop some new skills. There are 21 people taking part in the programme from a range of backgrounds so it will be interesting to compare knowledge and experiences with them. 

Currently I am on temporary secondment to our Reader Services Department which is a wonderful experience but in a few months I will be back to cataloguing full time. This specialism perhaps more than most is undergoing a period of substantial change and solid leadership will be important to make sure that valuable skills are not lost. Hopefully I can help with this in some small way by completing this programme and sharing the knowledge I gain with the wider community. 

I will try and blog what I can of the process over the coming year so stay tuned for further updates. I will also be tweeting about my experiences so follow the #cilipleadership hashtag.

photo credit: IMG_8410 via photopin (license)

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