Friday 3 February 2012

Library Day in the Life - day five

This is my final day of the Library Day in the Life project. It's been an interesting if somewhat tiring experience writing up what I do each day!

Today was very much like any other day in the English Cataloguing Department with the usual mix of tasks that I've outlined in my previous posts. In addition to these, today I catalogued some music books. Although we have a music department the responsibility for cataloguing so-called secondary music books falls to us, for example biographies of musicians or music textbooks. The music shelf can always be guaranteed to turn up some gems, such as "Elvis and his Pelvis" or today's biography of Boyzone!

My favourite book in the department today has been one that I didn't personally work on but I think still deserves a mention. "Knitted Dinosaurs" is one of those books that everyone wants to look at and one reason why we are so keen to start a department blog. I also think it does a good job of showing that not all the material that we process is the standard academic type that most people expect. I've said it before but the diversity in the material is one reason why I really do love my job.

At lunchtime today I watched the live chat at the Guardian website which focused on "The Evolving Role of the Higher Education Librarian". There was a lot of interesting discussion and I hope to go through the chat later and maybe write up my thoughts. I wish I could have contributed but I felt that everyone else was already saying what I was thinking and in a much more eloquent way!

I hope that anyone who has stuck with me for the past week has enjoyed reading my posts. I know that I've enjoyed discovering a little more about what people do in their different library environments each day.

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