Tuesday 9 August 2011

Putting the social into social media

OK, so do I really have to write a long blog post when I have already written this weeks 'Thing'? It is certainly nerve wracking to know that so many people will be reading my post when this blog usually has about four viewers a month total. It's one thing to talk to such a small audience but quite another to broadcast your thoughts all over the world.

But that's the point of social media - to get your thoughts out there. It takes time, effort and persistence to make meaningful contacts on the social web but it is worth it in the end. I know many people who have made great contacts through applications such as Twitter and it has done wonders for their careers. Hmm, maybe I should be trying this...

Having read some of the responses to Thing 12 I agree with those who have highlighted how helpful social networking is for helping shy people to make contacts. This struck a chord with me since I'm painfully shy and find it really difficult to talk to people I don't know. Although this is getting better, being able to talk to people first before meeting them face to face is a definite bonus!


  1. I really enjoyed your post. I find social media useful for making contacts as I am not outgoing and speaking to people online first is so much easier!

  2. Thanks. I'm painfully shy (although people say it doesn't show) so I find these sorts of situations really hard. If I can build up a connection with somone online then I feel much more comfortable!