Sunday 25 July 2010


Not sure I like this one. Maybe I don't have a personal use for it and that's why I haven't taken to it. It may be useful to know about in the future though (when I have one of those high flying library jobs!)
It could be useful for making contacts or looking for jobs but I prefer these things to be done in the real world. Like I say, maybe I am just not at the stage of really needing these things yet!
One feature that I do really like though is the link to an Amazon book list. Being a student I am always on the lookout for books that could be of use so this is a welcome feature.
(Image credit: rubybgold)

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  1. I with you that I can't really see the point of LinkedIn yet. I've been on it for a couple of years now, but am still waiting to be persuaded. Hopefully another Cam23 participant will persuade us both!