Sunday 11 July 2010

Reflection week

The thing that worries me most about my blog posts is that they are too short. Sometimes I find that I can go on and on about something and sometimes I can genuinely say everything I want to say in a paragraph. I try not to look at what others have written until after I have posted my entry for the week, otherwise I would get too bogged down in the he/she has already said that nightmare! It is sometimes comforting to read them afterwards and find out that others think the same as you!
My favourite Things so far have been Slideshare and Flickr. I can really see the applications for a library, especially Slideshare for user training. I am looking forward to some of the Things yet to come, especially Wordle. I am having a hard time not playing with that one!
I think that most of the activities have suited my learning style. I find it easier to play around with something than just read about it and I have plenty of opportunity to have a play.
I feel more confident of some of the Things than others but that is probably a result of how much time I have had that week to play around with them. Once the Things are over I will probably revisit them and explore them more fully in my own time.
I am looking forward to the rest of the Things and am glad to have made it this far!
(Image credit: in da mood!)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations - you've passed the halfway mark!

    I think that some of us are worried that are blog posts are too long - it seems librarians are never happy! I've enjoyed reading your blog and don't think your posts are too short - they're informative and succint - a perfect combination.

    I look forward to seeing if you find any other favourites as we carry on. Good luck for the rest of the programme!