Friday 31 March 2017

Event Justification Toolkit

It's conference season again! Around this time of year lots of bursary application adverts start to land in my inbox. Having won probably more than my fair share of awards to attend conferences I also get emails asking for advice on what to include in applications. I also get queries as part of my role supporting the professional development of library staff. Most of these questions revolve around how to get your boss to pay for you to go to a certain event! Again this is something I've been reasonably lucky with in the past so I pass on what tips I can. Hopefully I'll be able to put them to use myself this year.

About a year ago I put together a short toolkit on preparing a business case for event attendance to help colleagues with their applications. Although it's phrased as if talking to a line manager it can be used as an aid if you're struggling to put together a bursary application. Please do always read the guidelines for the individual bursary as they will always tell you exactly what the judges are expecting.

The toolkit can be found below and downloaded as a PDF here. I hope it proves helpful and best of luck in your applications!


  1. Just a quick note regarding Newsletters to write in: I'm on the committee for my local CILIP Member Network, and we're always looking for interesting articles - try your local Member Network or a relevant Special Interest Group.

    It's also worth noting that in my experience we get less applicants applying for bursaries than you'd think - the 'competition' may not be very many people at all!

    1. I very much second all of this. You have zero to lose by trying but everything to gain!