Tuesday 7 June 2016

Another New Challenge

I've recently taken on the role of Social Media Editor with the New Review of Academic Librarianship. Having been involved with social media for some time both through work and volunteering commitments this was something I was keen to do to test my skills on the next level. I've been tasked with starting the journal's social media presence almost from scratch and I'm excited for the challenge. 

Part of my motivation for taking on this role is to help demystify the publication process for those who want to get involved with academic publishing but maybe think it isn't for them. I don't want the social media channels to turn into purely an advertising resource - I want to have a conversation with people and share what the Editorial Board does. Time will tell if I succeed with this! My work with the Board will also give me a chance to explore the scholarly communication process from another angle, something which will fit in with my current role.

If you are interested in reading more I recently gave an interview to Taylor and Francis on how I will be approaching things which can be found here. I hope it proves an interesting read (and apologies for the smug photograph - I'm not that smug in real life, I promise!).