Sunday 4 July 2010


Delicious is another one of those websites that I have heard about but not really looked at. As a student I have visited a couple of my lecturers recommended reading lists on Delicious but not a lot else.
For someone who has two computers at work like me, plus another one at home, I can see the obvious advantages of having bookmarks stored online so I always have access. I am forever having to duplicate bookmarks which does seem like a lot of wasted effort.
For libraries it is useful to have web links in one place like this, since it is usually what students today expect. I think that it would be better suited to subject libraries than a general library like the UL since it can have a narrower focus and avoid it getting too complicated.
It does seem to me like quite a complicated resource to master and one that I am going to explore in a bit more detail. I am not quite convinced so far but I may be in the future.
(Image credit: .craig)


  1. If you're interested in finding out a bit more about Delicious Claudia has written a detailed blog post on the process she went through when she set up the Judge page ( Worth a read if you're interested in exploring further!