Sunday 13 April 2014

Leadership / Brian Tracy, AMACOM

Brian Tracy, the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, has written many books about the development of people and organisations. This latest addition to The Brian Tracy Success Library focuses on leadership and outlines Brian's tips for becoming a strong leader and maintaining this as you move through your career.

With each chapter focusing on a specific aspect, from motivating people to learning from your mistakes, the book includes something for most people. The book is easy to dip in and out of when advice on a particular topic is needed. However as the main text comprises less than one hundred pages it's no struggle to read everything. Tracy has an informative and easy to read style, making this an ideal 'train journey' book.

Tracy offers practical steps to achieving success, often backing these up with anecdotal evidence from this own career. Although Tracy comes from the business sector the examples used will be familiar to many people and could be applied to a lot of situations. I was especially pleased to see Tracy emphasizing the human side of leadership. He stresses the importance of building relationships with people, both in your own team and outside. He shows how this can strengthen your position and demonstrate your effectiveness as a leader. In some other books I have read this aspect of leadership is missing which is a worry as I think that the human aspect can help to define a great leader.

Although there is nothing especially new or earth shattering about the advice in the book, Tracy makes his points and makes them well. From my perspective it is much easier to absorb material from a book like this than a weighty tome that I struggle to read. I would especially recommend this book to those either new to leadership roles or looking to become leaders. If you want some practical guidance on how to make the most of leadership opportunities in an easy to read style then you could do a lot worse than Brian Tracy.

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