Friday 30 August 2013

The Hyperlinked Library

So another week, another bit of CPD! I've been thinking about MOOCs for a while and even took part in the recent New Librarianship course offered by Syracuse. Way before this however I signed up for the Hyperlinked Library course and was lucky enough to be accepted. I was attracted to the theme of the course and I also liked the practical nature of the assignments (yes, there's homework!) as I thought that these could be applied to my real life career. The course will also give me a chance to interact with other information professionals around the world, something I've already started to do. One thing that has impressed me already is the fact that participants have been encouraged to get to know each other via tribes and badges before the course even starts. Hopefully this will help to make it a truly interactive learning experience. I'm not yet totally convinced about MOOCs as the future of education but I think the best way to make up my mind is to try some out and see what the experience is really like.

The course officially begins next week but I already have my course blog set up here for anyone who wants to follow my thoughts on the course. I'd also really like to hear from any readers who are taking part - it would be great to 'meet you' online over at the course site!

photo credit: Đ…olo via photopin cc