Sunday 18 September 2011

Reflection: what have I liked so far?

I think the tool that I have found most useful so far (that I wasn't already using) has been Twitter. I have had an account for about eighteen months now but haven't really done much with it. I found it too hard to keep up with since I can't check it at work during the day. Everyone who uses it professionally has been telling me for ages that it's the one tool that they couldn't live without so I bit the bullet and made an effort to go on it at least once a day. I admit, there are still times where I feel a little out of my depth but I intend to keep going. I have even tried to talk to a few people that I don't actually 'know' but this has been met with mixed success. This is definitely one to keep up with though.

I have tried Evernote, again with mixed success. I might keep trying with this one but it also might be one that I let slide. I experimented with a few other citation tools but ultimately went back to Evernote since it's what I know. I did appreciate the chance to explore alternatives though. When someone asks me for help I might actually have an intelligent answer!

I think my favourite posts so far (apart from the stunner that was Thing 12 of course!) have been the ones that focus on career development. This is, for me, the best feature of this programme. I did Cam23 last year and went through most of the tools we are covering but I feel like I am getting something extra out of it this time round. At least where I work, there seems to be a huge gap when it comes to career advice and in these tough times I really appreciate some concrete help.

My next goal is to spend a bit more time on my LinkedIn profile. I took some of the tips from that weeks Thing and spruced up my profile a bit but I'm still not as active as I feel I could be. Probably because I now spend too much time on Twitter......

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