Thursday 30 June 2011

Creating the brand

One thing that I like about blogging is that it can be anonymous if you want it to be. Of course, this somewhat defeats the object of using blogging as a professional development tool! I did 'redesign' this blog when I started cpd23 in order to make it look a little more professional and up-to-date.

I use a nickname as the title for my blog but this was just something I thought up when doing the original 23things so I didn't have to call it "Claire Sewell's 23things blog". I regularly contribute to my work blog under my own name and I have guest blogged on the CILIP CIG blog as myself and I would be happy for anyone to see these as they represent my professional activity.

I took the vanity test and was pleased to find that three of the results were about me. One was from the Umbrella Conference page since I am listed as presenting the poster for cpd23, one was my guest blog for CIG and one was my Twitter account. It would be easy to assume by looking at any and all of these things that they represented the same person but it would only take a little effort on my part to make sure that they are all linked. I will consider adding a photo of myself but I am notoriously camera shy so it may take a while to find something suitable! I tend not to use Twitter since I find it hard to get in to but this is something I am hoping to change in the future so I will definitely look into linking all aspects of my online presence together.

I can take (constructive) criticism so if anyone has any comments on the look/feel of this blog than please let me know. I don't bite, honest .....

(Image credit: Floyd B. Bariscale)


  1. Hello again.

    Which work blog? Is there a cataloguing blog I don't know about?

    And who are you on Twitter?

    Lastly, on my screen, the contrast between the post text and the background isn't quite enough to be a completely comfortable read. Otherwise I like the look of the blog.


  2. Hi Katie

    The 'official' cdd work related blog is just a sort of internal memo system but I think it's available to anyone that works in the library through the intranet. I also contribute to the Tower Project blog which is a lot of fun.

    However, there is another cdd blog coming soon for external users which will hopefully be a bit more entertaining to read. We hope to have it launched at the start of next term.

    I'm under my work id of ces43 on Twitter but I'm afraid I'm not very active!

    Thanks for the feedback about the format. It worried me a little to when I changed the design of the blog. Will have to see if anything can be done to change it.

  3. (Sorry for late reply - have been ignoring Google Reader all week) Thanks. Celine has put me onto the CDD blog. I await the new one with excitement!

    It's probably possible to change either the text colour or the background colour (or both) under the advanced design options. It's much better though on the screen I'm using today, so don't worry too much!