Sunday 1 August 2010


I am not completely in love with this tool but I am well on my way to a lasting relationship!

Being a student I am finding it hard to keep track of my references (I know, terrible!). I can be at work cataloguing a book and find something really interesting that might be relevant for an essay or just browsing on the internet. I tend to save my links to whichever computer I am on at the time or write them down on scraps of paper for later use. Of course, this means that I spend a fair bit of time running around after the references at a later stage. Needless to say, anything which helps with this problem seems like a good thing. I am disappointed that it can't be run with Internet Explorer which is the browser which I normally use but that is easy to fix. I will be playing about with this one in the next few weeks.
I think that this would a good application to make users aware of since it has the potential to save so much time (and late nights trying to locate that missing piece of paper). I also really like the idea of creating a list for users where you can add notes about the material. It seems like an excellent way to get users using sources which they might not otherwise consider. It can also be adpated to reading lists for specific courses (which people no doubt already do).
At last, a reason to REALLY love this Web 2.0 thing!
(Image credit: Chocolate Geek)

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